"Looking for some interesting African Animal facts?"

You already know the African continent is synonymous with African animals.

Are you also fascinated by wildlife animals in their natural habitat in the wide-open spaces of Africa?

During our many visits to wildlife destinations in Africa we have observed the behavior of the African safari animals and asked ourselves:

  • How do predators plan and co-ordinate their hunts?
  • Why do black rhinos have such bad tempers?
  • How is the body of a cheetah designed for speed?
  • How do giraffes fight for dominance?
  • Why do lion males kill young cubs?

The result of researching the answers is what you will find on this site

Find interesting facts and trivia about giraffes


Is there a good reason for zebras to have stripes?

Zebra facts

What hunting techniques do cheetahs use?

cheetah pictures

Why do African lions have manes?

Interesting African lion facts

How do leopards


How does the trunk of an African elephant work?

African elephant

African animals facts

Ethology is the science of animal behavior in their natural environment

We have simplified what you find in science literature so that all the interesting African animal facts here are written in plain English.

So if you were looking for some unusual information about wildlife animals in Africa in a fun and clear form this is the place to find it!

Unfortunately many of our African wild animals are endangered

A dramatic resurgence in poaching and habitat destruction has again started to push some precious African wildlife to the brink of extinction.

Why are more of our rhinos ending up like this?

rhino poaching facts

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