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african lion facts
leopard facts

Why do some people think the African lion male is a lazy and useless hunter? How do cooperative hunting among lions increase their success rates?

The usual hunting technique of a leopard is classically feline. When it sights a potential target it stalks forward making clever use of cover.

giraffe facts
zebras fun facts

When giraffes fights the bulls swing their heads like medieval maces. One giraffe will land a  thundering blow on the body of the opponent with its head.

Predators without color vision finds it difficult to isolate a single zebra when they are bunched up in groups. This is why you will very seldom see lone zebras by themselves.

cheetah facts
african elephant breeding facts

Cheetah facts reveal how everything from the small head, slender body and highly developed respiratory system make them nature's speed machines. They typically select the least vigilant prey on the fringes of a group of animals.

The African elephant trunk contains about 100,000 different muscles. With this tool it can do everything from picking up single seedpods to tearing down massive trees. It can distinguish smells hundred times better than any dog.

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