Are you also fascinated by African Animals?

Have you ever wondered why African animals behave like they do in the wild?

How do predators plan their menus and what unique hunting technique do every specie specialize in?

We investigate the courtship rituals of African wildlife, how they care for their young and numerous other African animal facts that may have always puzzled you.


A successful African cat predator is likely to have:

  • exceptional vision and hearing,
  • a body that is long and slim and a
  • coat that is designed to camouflage and conceal.

The strategies employed in hunting techniques fall into two main groups - either the long chase or hunting by stealth. We have a closer look at each specie's technique.


Bovids range in size from a 4 pound royal antelope to the African buffalo and Eland that weigh over a ton.

Please take some time to browse through the pages of African Wildlife trivia and facts we have put together for your delight.

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